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Aluminum Case Applications


Letter Uses and/or Items Stored, Carried, or Shipped
A Ammunition, Art Supplies, Architectural Models, Antiques, Amplifiers, Artwork, Ancestor’s Photos
B Beauty Supplies, Boating Equipment,Brooches & Other Jewelry, Building Blocks,Balls, Beach equipment
C Cameras, Camera Equipment, Camping Gear, Computers, Computer Peripherals,CDs, Cash
D Doll Collection, Drilling equipment, Downhole Tools, Daggers, DVDs
E Electrical Equipment, Ejection Seats for airplanes
F Filtering Equipment, Fixtures, Farraday Cages, Feather Boas, Fancy Dresses
G Guns, Gauges, Games, Gardening Supplies & Tools
H Helicopter Emergency Equipment, Hand Tools, Hoses, Household Cleaners, Harmonicas
I Installation kits, Imports, Instruction manuals, Important Papers
J J Tent, Janitorial equipment, Jacks, Jukeboxes, Junk
K Kits for all kinds of things, Knife collection
L LCD screens, Liquor samples, Laptops, Lighting samples, Legos
M Musical Instruments, Musician’s equipment, Movie Props, Magician’s equipment, Mannequins
N Notebooks, Night vision goggles
O Oil rig equipment, Ornaments, Oscilloscopies
P Portraits, Photographs, Portable printers, Plasma screens, Picnic supplies
Q Quilt collection, Quivers
R Radio-controlled aircraft, Railroad emergency equipment, Rifles
S Samples, Satellites, Sales Demo, Slot machines, Shot glass collection, Sports equipment, Shoes
T Toys, Tile Samples, Telephones, Telescopes
U US military equipment, Uniforms, Upholstery supplies
V Ventilation equipment, Valuables, Ventriloquist Dummies
W Wind measuring kit, Watch collection, Winter sports equipment, Washboard, Wills
X X-ray equipment, Xylophones, X-Boxes
Y Yoyo collections, Yachting equipment
Z Zone alarm kit, Zydeco instruments