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Importance of a Quality Shipping Case Today

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Today many businesses and consumers rely on shipping companies to deliver their items safely and efficiently.  Products and consumers are linked through multiple transportation modes including air and express delivery services, freight rail, maritime transport, and truck transport. All these methods used to transport products are generally dependable, but carry damage risks to your products if not packaged properly.  The only way to ensure safe delivery is by using a hard shipping case that protects your valuable goods.

Designed for Durability

No matter what size or where it needs to go, aluminum cases will protect your sensitive equipment and products through the entire shipping process so they arrive at their destination without damage.  If an aluminum case is dropped during shipping, the exterior will absorb all the impact.  Other cases can directly transfer the force of an impact to its contents.   Aluminum is highly temperature resistant, protecting contents from temperatures from anywhere between -238°F to 302°F and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.


Custom cases can be built no matter what size or shape you need.   You can also have a case constructed in any color you need along with logos, custom inserts and custom hardware.  Aluminum cases can also be built according to third party specifications.  Other options for a custom case include different types of finishes including powdercoat, standard mill, vinyl-coated and many more. 

Aluminum Case Company has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing solid aluminum cases, chests, and enclosures since 1946.  We carry a wide variety of cases and can also design a custom case to fit your unique requirements.  Whether you need a custom presentation case,  transit carry case or other type of case, contact us today and talk to an expert!