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Partnership Services

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Aluminum Case Company, a WBE enterprise, has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing solid aluminum cases, chests, and enclosures in our Chicago factory since 1946.  We are "old school" manufacturers who use punching, routing, forming, machining, and welding to build our product lines.  We produce quality cases but also provide additional services so that we actually partner with you for all your case needs. 

Expert Consulting

Aluminum Case Company can assist you when choosing a case by assessing your needs, exploring all the options with you and designing the right case based on your budget.  Our expert staff can also help by explaining all the particulars of case construction and the economics and present the most cost effective solution.  

Samples and Prototypes

In addition to our expert consulting, we also provide samples for you at no cost to test the construction in your environment.  Custom prototypes are also available and our “Factory-within-a-Factory” senior case artisans can meet most challenging time constrains.  These are more components of our partnership program that makes us a unique manufacturer. 

Customized Programs

Whether you are looking for a certain case or a fleet of cases that differ in size and application, Aluminum Case Company can help you develop a customized program that can manage your case needs.  Our staff is able to tailor our production and delivery schedules to synchronize with demand, offer blanket order and release programs to cut costs, implement emergency stock programs in case of unexpected demands and offer drop shipments. 

Customer Service Before and After Purchase

In addition to consulting with you before your purchase, Aluminum Case Company will continue to partner with you after your purchase.  Upon choosing or designing your product, our customer service team will not only answer any questions that may arise, but we provide maintenance and review programs for your products.  We also abide by the e R’s if there is a quality issue:  Repair, Replace or Refund.


In the event that you have case needs that are not aluminum, we maintain solid relationships in our industry and can help you find reputable companies to assist with your needs. Whether you are looking for a custom portfolio case, footlocker or any other type of case, we can help you.  Call us today and talk to an expert!