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Aluminum Case Co. (ACC) manufactures a comprehensive line of aluminum cases
engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding customer. Our stock cases
include carrying cases, bank cases, print cases, computer cases, footlockers, and
tool chests - all ready for immediate shipment. Custom Cases are also available.


ACC is far more than a purveyor of quality merchandise. Our team stands prepared to assist you with all of your case-related needs, and we proudly offer the following services:

Selection. The selection of a case best suited for your application can be an involved process. You have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish, but you may not be familiar with the particulars of case construction or the alternatives available. Or possibly, you are looking to simply understand the economics of a case purchase. That's where we come in. We will endeavor to fully understand what you are looking to do, and provide you with a selection of the most cost effective ACC cases available. And if we are unable to assist you, possibly we can point you in the right direction. So, if you're looking for someone to help you "think out" a potential solution to your situation - give us a call. That's why we're here.

Design. An off-the-shelf product won't work. Your application is unique, or possibly you are looking for a case tailored to match your brand image and the inherent quality of your payload. Let us help! We've been at it for over 60 years. Our team will assist you in the development of your concept, the design of your case and the determination of the related project budget.

Rapid-Fire Prototype Program / Case Samples. In our long history of designing custom cases, two themes are common. The first relates to design. Design efforts may have been considerable, but most never know if the design is right until the case is in their hands. The other relates to timing. Often months of effort go into the development of a new product prior to launch but the accompanying carrying case doesn't reap discussion until the very end. Our Rapid-Fire Prototype program was designed with these experiences in mind.

The foundation of our Rapid-Fire Prototype Program is a factory-within-a-factory. We like to think of it as our "model shop." Employing a carefully selected array of equipment (CNC, hydraulic and mechanical) and staffed by our most senior case artisans, our model shop provides us the ability to produce a prototype case in short order. Some would say that a custom prototype aluminum case from design to shipment in two days is unheard of. We might disagree! In any event, if your time constraints are challenging, we will endeavor to meet them.

Samples of our stock aluminum cases are also available.

Quality Merchandise. Craftsmanship is something we simply expect of ourselves. Our internal quality assurance program has been modeled on ISO 9001 standards and covers all aspects of our case fulfillment process (initial inquiry to product shipment). When you purchase one of our cases, you can expect a quality product and one that we believe, will exceed your expectations.

Cases Programs. For many of our customers, our cases and enclosures are an integral component of their end product. In these circumstances, we tailor our production and delivery schedules to synchronize with demand, avoiding unnecessary investment at either end of the relationship. If your case needs are recurring, we welcome the opportunity to discuss an ongoing supply arrangement. We believe that you will find our flexibility, product quality and customer service second to none.

Drop shipment arrangements are also available.

Sourcing. Looking for a removal canvas satchel for the interior of your aluminum case? Or possibly your requirements involve aluminum cases as well as cases of alternative construction such as a plastic case or a canvas bag-type case? Let us know. We have standing relationships with many in our industry, and we would be happy to assist you in sourcing all of your case needs.

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