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Aug 18 2015

Musicians, those in the film industry as well as those in education and people who conduct research often require the best in a hard shipping case. While there are many choices in this regard, one company has consistently performed beyond the expec

Aug 03 2015

 A custom wheeled case can be used in many different ways to protect vital and delicate instrumentation and equipment. A quality case of this kind should be made with durability and ruggedness as a top priority. Riveted and welded cases that a

Jul 01 2015

Those in the trade industry and a wide range of other types of industries often require a quality presentation case as a way to display an item, product or other materials in a most favorable fashion. This type of specialty application requires the

May 25 2015

Metal shipping cases come in many varieties, styles and versions and are made from a host of quality materials. However, choosing the right type of case for the application at hand is essential to ensuring that equipment and products are well prote

Mar 30 2015

Those concerned with appearance and image know the importance of having the right type of carry case for a wide variety of applications. When it comes to many different kinds of cargo that are commonly carried today in handheld cases, having the ri

Feb 04 2015

 Aluminum Case Company recently had the pleasure of supporting Mr. Salgado Brito`s ninth grade art students at Solorio Academy High School through The non-profit, online organization was founded in 2000 by Charles

Jan 29 2015

 Aluminum Case Company made their TV debut Monday, January 19th, on CBS`s hit show Scorpion (episode: "Forget Me Nots"). The show follows "brilliant misfits who use their mental muscle to defend the planet against complex high-t

Nov 12 2014

 Imagine a new college student receiving a brand new custom footlocker/storage chest embellished with their name, year and school logo and sporting the colors of their future alma mater? Imagine that same college student toting that

Oct 16 2014

 When it comes to carry cases we do it all, if you need something special...of course we can make it for you. But we do have 3 distinctly different styles of carry cases to choose from and you can customize from there. They are classified very

Sep 25 2014

 There are many key factors to a successful business model, now we don’t proclaim to know all those elements; but there is one key factor that we do know. Branding. If you want or have a successful business you need to have a recognizabl