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Aug 22 2014

Aluminum Case Company recently met Matt Hill who gave us a call and stopped by our office to see if we could help him find the rugged aluminum footlocker he needed in Madagascar, a 4th world country.  (We didn`t even know there was such a thin

Jul 16 2014

 Wonder why people use Aluminum Case Company?  We received a call on Monday from a commercial printing company that was working on a custom interior for their client that included sales material, product samples, give-a-way items, and eve

Jul 03 2014

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn visited our factory today to hear us voice our concerns on items affecting small businesses in the state. We were honored to have him and his staff here and appreciate the opportunity to speak with him.  

Jun 04 2014

Manufactures a comprehensive line of aluminum cases engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding customer - both stock and custom cases available